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Join us in our mission

Do you want to join us in a mission of empowering the practical and scalable implementation of the just transition and be a part of creating a world where people and the planet thrive? Explore our projects and initiatives for which we seek to support:

Bridging energy inequality gaps across communities 


This project proposes the use of solar panel powered lamps to address energy poverty experienced by street vendors in Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Bogor.

Our envisioned impact

At least 150 small businesses embark on their energy transition journey. 

The funding would be used for

- Conduct research for policymakers to implement the project at a national level, which can reduce up to 117,000,000 metric tons of CO2-equivalent per year when the project is fully scaled. 

- Purchase of solar panel powered lamps that would be given directly to the street vendors.

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Advocating industrial decarbonisation and sustainable supply chains


Our ultimate goal is to grow a suite of strategies that are financially self-sustaining. To do so, we will conduct grounded research to see where risks are concentrated, particularly for manufacturing and construction sector. Until that moment, we will need a funder that shares our goal and vision.

Our envisioned impact

At least 30 businesses participated in the decarbonisation of the industrial clusters.

The funding would be used for

- Integrating the mapping of just transition into ESG, Science Based Targets and sustainability reporting.

- Conduct research for businesses to consider and automate the environmental and human impact of their products' journey through the supply chain and value chain.

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Green Buildings

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Past project

Energy Survival of the Marginalized Communities in Indonesia | Documentary

Energy Survival of the Marginalized Communities in Indonesia | Documentary

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Digital Product

The video is a part of the Toyota Foundation project output Research Grant Program 2019 (D19-R-0042, Project Representative: Dinita Setyawati).




We hold a workshop on Guidelines and best practices for micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia in delivering energy-efficient products and in utilising solar energy. Attended by representatives from the State Electricity Company of Indonesia, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia



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